SOUTH ARKANSAS EMCOMM was created to support emergency communications via Amateur radio, RACES, ARES, MARS {ARMY, AIRFORCE, NAVY} in the primarily rural southern Arkansas region.  Our group is expected to grow and eventually become part of an Arkansas Auxiliary Communications Service or ACS.  The ACS is usually composed of a mix of communication types that have come together under a county, region, or state banner. The ACS organization provides the framework or discipline that enables a mixed group to operate and support Emcomm.  These ACS mixed groups are becoming the support group in many county or state emergency communications.  Google “Auxiliary Communication Services” (ACS) and look at PA, CA, FL and TX sites.  Arkansas ADEM is currently looking at the Pennsylvania example now.

This is a closed group.  The served agencies have requirements that must be met to work with them and some have specific requests. We will evolve or go extinct and this method we hope will aid us to evolve in the direction needed in these times.


OUR EMAIL >>>  soaremcomm@gmail.com 

Use this email please, we are now looking at forum software for posting and such.



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