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The Dr. T. E. Rhine book is now out of print - but some copies exist in bookstores. 

The picture above is Dr. Rhine about 1960. 

The park in 2008 after 8 inches of snow.  The pavilion is in fair condition.


The park now has Crepe Myrtles, daffodils, surprise lilies and other items wait their time.

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The OUACHITA COUNTY MASTER GARDENERS meet at St. Marks United Methodist Church at 1315 West Washington Street at 6:30 PM on the third Tuesday. 

Meetings can vary in time or place - contact Linda French at 870-231-5473 or 870-833-2220, or the Extension agent at the Ouachita County Agriculture Extension Office at 870-231-1160. 


The Ouachita County - and a few Calhoun County Master Gardeners - agreed to add a project.  The Dr. T. E. Rhine Park was purchased by friends, relatives and neighbors in the area and donated to be a Calhoun County Park.  Brush and fallen timber has already been removed along with the remains of the kitchen area.  Fencing and lighting will be added next.  Several thousand daffodils have been planted along the road.  A dozen or more crepe myrtles have been added also  

Several MGs are working landscape items at the Bearden Schools.


Pics from the Dr T E Rhine park project: 



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